Rodent Removal and Pest Control Services in Ridge NY

Rodent Removal and Pest Control
Services in Ridge NY

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Homestead Wildlife Solutions offers rodent and mouse exclusion and removal services in Ridge NY. Rodent exclusion (a.k.a. Rodent proofing) is the process of taking steps to prevent rodents from making your home into theirs. These steps also protect your home from rodents returning in the future. If mice, rats, raccoons or squirrels are making themselves at home in your house or business in Ridge, NY, we have the experience and tools to stop them in their tracks. We always use non-poisonous humane live traps to remove rodents to keep you and your family safe. Once the rodents have been removed, we block potential entrances on the interior and exterior of your building or home, including crawlspace encapsulation to prevent rodents from returning.

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